CRiSP Release v10.0

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v10.0

Version 10.0.31 March 2012

Add a "notes" annotation margin to the edit area - which shows a quick map of matching grep, tag, or compile errors. You can hover your mouse over the note indications or click on them to jump to the appropriate definition or compile issue.

Version 10.0.30 March 2012

Fix various focus issues with MDI windows on Linux (and MacOS). Fix issue where Ctrl-TAB is used to rapidly switch from one MDI window to another.
Input fields now allow SHIFT and left/right/home/end, to highlight field and copy to clipboard. Change Ctrl-A to highlight and copy field to clipboard.
Fix logical directory mode, so it works from startup.
Add two new placeholder GUI objects (DBOX_NOTE and DBOX_MINIMAP).

Version 10.0.29 March 2012

Use $PWD to indicate working directory and use logical directories instead of absolute ones. Avoids surprising when shelling to a subprocess (such as P4) which doesnt like physical directories, when faced with an automounted filesystem.
Fix possible coredump in outline mode.
Fix endian issue with Blowfish encryption. The crypt functions can now be used reliably for files across platforms.

Version 10.0.28 March 2012

MacOS: Fix issue with timers being cancelled prematurely and causing cursor to stop flashing. Fix memory leaks.
MacOS: Avoid core dump with timers.

Version 10.0.27 February 2012

Fix freetype issue on Linux-64bit platform. Wasnt loading library.
Avoid Hover-mode code tips. When mouse moves over a word in the buffer, we can display the definition of the word.

Version 10.0.26 February 2012

Avoid coredump if no gridlines to display, on startup.
Add C++11 reserved words for syntax coloring.
Fix issue if gridlines and modified lines displayed at same time.

Version 10.0.25 February 2012

"cm" can now generate a macros.lib file, and crisp can read it. This allows us to replace all the *.cm macros with a single file, which is faster to load. "cm -o macros.lib macros" is the command to do this, then put macros.lib into the macros dir. At some point in the future the distribution will do this automatically.
Fix display glitch when modified lines marker is used whilst outline/gridlines is on display.
Add LUA syntax coloring and cross-ref support.
Fix Windows Open/File dialog so that the file types dropdown agrees with the rest of the code.

Version 10.0.24 February 2012

Improve gridline drawing in CR.EXE. Ensure gridlines work when ssh'ing and using fcterm.
Avoid infinite loop when parsing Verilog numbers, like "1234'".
Allow ${xxx} style environment variable references in filenames, e.g. at "Edit file" prompt.
Switch to crisp10.ini file, instead of crisp8.ini for saving settings due to some non-backward compatible changes.
Avoid infinite loop in crtags when hitting a directory with more than 5000 files in it.
Add "zsh" macro to invoke the Zsh shell.
Avoid reading stdin on startup if filenames on command line. Works around issue if firefox is used to launch crisp to view a downloaded file.

Version 10.0.23 February 2012

Optimise screen display, causing excessive RDP/Windows traffic due to cursor flashing.
Remove dependency on -lXmu library.
Fix core dump on Windows if typing "/" at Edit file: prompt.
In char-mode crisp, avoid line mode graphics for gridlines if not running in fcterm.

Version 10.0.22 January 2012

Fix issue with file-grep, so that we honor users path.
Avoid segmentation violation when doing frantic scrollbar actions.
Add %GS and other instructions to asm-x86 syntax coloring. Parse "ENTRY_NP" properly when tagging (Linux kernel).
Fix infinite loop on tagging for Scala code.
Add C C1X keywords.
Fix issue for buffers with no tabstops (gridlines).

Version 10.0.21 December 2011

Fix Scala quoted string syntax highlighting.
Add "set [no]write_last_newline" command which can be used to avoid writing the trailing newline at the end of the buffer.
Dont display tab-marker gridlines when in literal mode.
Options/Screen settings/GUI: Add "Show ctrl chars" option to allow control characters to be shown as actual glyphs and not "^x" type of indication.
Allow character 0x00 to be dislayed, rather than as ^@.

Version 10.0.20 December 2011

Fix layout of #include in reindent macro.
Rework file so we can better enable turn on/off of the outline/grid-indent feature.
New primitive: set_display_mode, set_display_shift.
Allow outline mode to be saved.
Fix display issue with tab-markers on line-wrapped lines.

Version 10.0.19 November 2011

More gridlines display glitches fixed.
Add new primitives for Windows registry access and fix issue with Win64 file associations not working.
Fix 32/64-bit issue parsing macro files leading to infinite loop.

Version 10.0.18 November 2011

Addition of some encryption functions.
Fix gridlines scrolling issue.
Add reindent mode support for XML.
Outline mode: Ctrl-O/Ctrl-C can be used for outline collapse toggle. Fix some other outline cursor movement issues.
Tidy up Java function name canonisation.
Add gridlines support for Python.
Avoid XQueryPointer issue in menu popups.
Add support for "Ignore" filename supporting when doing files search.

Version 10.0.17 November 2011

Speed up the File/Grep search dialog and add support for ignoring files and directories, e.g. logfiles.
Tagging/parsing enhancements for Java - fix glitch where attributes were causing methods to be misrecorded.
Fix X11 I/O error when quickly moving amongst menus resulting in an XQueryPointer BadResource error.
Add Java Operator Hierarchy to the Hierarchy macro.

Version 10.0.16 October 2011

Avoid potential infinite loop for a regexp like "^(^if|^do|^xx)".
Some gridlines parsing bugs fixed for C and avoid one-line blocks for {..} in a single line.
"reindent" macro to reindent files, bit like beautify but more deterministic, and simpler to use.
Add support for gridlines/outline block markers to work inside fcterm.

Version 10.0.15 October 2011

Improve gridlines/outline display.
New macro - inq_block_info, so that macros can inquire on the currently selected block.
Show directory at top of Edit file: popup.

Version 10.0.14 September 2011

The directory popup which is shown when TAB is pressed at the "Edit file" prompt now shows the directory name at the top of the window.
New outline/gridlines facility. CRiSP now parses the buffer to find block level indents, and will display graphics in the margin to indicate the extent of the blocks, and show (in red) the currently active block. In addition, new tab-stop gridlines are shown to show the logical indent structure of the buffer.
New option in the Screen->Window for turning on outline/gridlines globally.

Version 10.0.13 September 2011

New panel config: Options->Autosave & Backups->Saving. New option to avoid writing a temporary file on saves, to avoid issues with symlinks on network filesystems.
Added 'git' wrapper macro.
Fix issue when macro errors dont show line numbers on 64-bit platforms.

Version 10.0.12 July 2011

Improve performance on g/regexp/cmd type operations.
Unknown commands, typed at the command: prompt will be treated as external commands, and if located, a shell buffer with the output of the command will be shown. Add generic support for all Perforce command line commands.
Add support for Erlang parsing (fix 'define' and ignore 'import' and 'export' when tagging). Fix issue with multiline strings.

Version 10.0.11 June 2011

Add Erlang tagging support. Add Erlang syntax coloring.
Support for "logical" filenames in edit_file primitive, to avoid problems when a "natural" filename is dereferenced to the canonical mount point name, on automounted filesystems.
Add tagging support for Flex/Actionscript.
Fix issue in possible core dump when linewrapping enabled and cursor beyond end of buffer.
Add Scala support.

Version 10.0.9 May 2011

Fix search/replace issue not handling last line in MK_LINE mode.
Fix menu flickering in X11 version.

Version 10.0.8 May 2011

Add 'cdsrc' command, to cd to the src/ directory above the current directory.
Fix some X11 widget controls default widths for input field controls.
Fix support for generics in Java parsing.

Version 10.0.7 April 2011

Optimise X11 color map usage on 24-bit displays (i.e. all common/current platforms). Speeds up on high latency connections.

Version 10.0.6 April 2011

Add 'enum' support to the Java parser.
New macro: insert_filename() which can be used to insert the current filename into a buffer.

Version 10.0.5 April 2011

Switch to 10.X.Y version numbering and drop the letter suffix, which didnt convey any useful information.
Add syntax coloring for *.mk file extension.
Fix problem where the on-line help could leave a file open when doing a search, resulting in an error because the FTS file could not be recreated.

Version 10.0.4 April 2011

Fixes for 64-bit Windows 7 release.
Fix problem with flickering contents window on Windows, due to issue with case sensitivity on drive letters.
Fix color allocation resource problem on Windows/Screen settings dialog.

Version 10.0.2b Aug 2010

MacOSX: Fix problem with +/= key being interpreted as an accented key.
When showing matching tags, show structs before members of a struct, so that definitions are kept together.
Windows: Various fixes for default install / config directory problems.
Fix possible core dump when crisp starts up and checks for updates.
Show "hover" mouse motion detection on status bar.
Windows: "Options->Windows associations" allows customisation of file extensions in the windows registry.

Version 10.0.2a Jun 2010

Add zencoding macro to allow quick ways to create HTML documents.
Windows 7 - 64 : fix issues with process creation. Fix the way we compute the HOME directory (i.e. use HOMEPATH), rather than store config in the app directory. Fix GPF in license manager.
MacOSX: ensure default font is fixed width.
Fix some help rendering issues.
Add 'col pretty' support to allow autoformatting of columnar data.
Fix some abort problems when using lists and arrays and using string indexes. Allow "lst += hash" to work as expected.

Version 10.0.1b Jun 2010

Fix some MacOS memleak problems. Fix font height calculations.
vim.kwd - extra keywords.
Fix problem with KDE/kwin problems where we might cause excessive CPU usage.
Add support for -gap NN and -frac NN switches to the macro.

Version 10.0.1a May 2010

MacOSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) CRiSP is now supported on the Snow Leopard platform, as a native 64 bit application.
Fix a pixmap alignment issue in the table control.
Add a 'col align' command line macro to reformat a table into aligned columns.

Version 10.0.0f May 2010

Fix issue with Motif replacement widgets not handling password protected fields. Fix default widths affecting FTP site dialog.
Add support for TODO, FIX and BUG entries in comments in crtags support. Can now use the "todo" macro to find all TODO entries in the tags file.

Add TODO view to the Output window.

Add support for 64-bit FreeBSD8.

Version 10.0.0d April 2010

Fix problem with embedded screens in dialogs not laying out properly due to new hidden greendot popup image.
Add more menu bitmaps.
Fix issue with File/Close All closing modified buffers without prompting.
New tool (for Unix systems only) for doing full-text search (crt_search). Not yet fully integrated into CRiSP.

Version 10.0.0e April 2010

Iceland Volcano erupts!
Fix focus problem with X11 CRiSP.

Version 10.0.0d April 2010

Fix problem with embedded screens in dialogs not laying out properly due to new hidden greendot popup image.
Add more menu bitmaps.
Fix issue with File/Close All closing modified buffers without prompting.
New tool (for Unix systems only) for doing full-text search (crt_search). Not yet fully integrated into CRiSP.

Version 10.0.0c March 2010

Add more bitmap icons to menus.
Allow CRiSP to run with a read-only home directory on Unix systems without losing settings.
Fix bad memory usage behavior with files with very long lines.
Add CSV column name support to the macros.

Version 10.0.0a January 2010

Avoid flickering scrollbar when mouse moves over it and it is being highlighted.

Version 10.0.0a December 2009

Addition of Freetype support for Unix platforms. You can select freetype (like truetype - blurred fonts) for the edit window and all the other visual controls, including menus.
Fix for parsing Fortran-90 RECURSIVE function definitions, and fix issue with spaces after function names, before the argument list.
Fix issue with selecting via mouse in another character mode window, would not move the cursor to the specified position until the second mouse click.
Add support for Google GO language syntax coloring; Add support for Windows PowerShell.
Addition of a HOME icon to the Open File dialog.
Remove Motif GUI support; CRiSP now uses its own native widget library, allowing for freetype support and better visuals.
Enhancements to the Find->Data Miner facility to support Excel-like pivot operation. The top row now provides drop downs which allow filtering based on values in columns.