CRiSP Release v16.0

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v16.0

Version 16.0.19 June 2018

Fix issue with scrollwheel on windows, not refreshing the screen.

Version 16.0.18 November 2017

Improve process killing under Windows.

Version 16.0.16 November 2017

Add default coloring for log files.

Version 16.0.15 November 2017

Fix the for case independent compile/file extensions.

Version 16.0.14 August 2017

Better process killing on Windows - killing the process tree, rather than the direct descendent.
Improve/document the try/catch primitives in the macro language.
Fix the Setup/Memory Configuration dialog which was not handling the commas in the memory bytes field properly.

Version 16.0.13 August 2017

Fix broken exceptions mechanism. A recent fix/security change, made the stack trace when an internal primitive error was triggered, would not fire.
Improve/document the try/catch primitives in the macro language.
Fix the Setup/Memory Configuration dialog which was not handling the commas in the memory bytes field properly.

Version 16.0.12 July 2017

Rename and reposition the View->Outline->Options menu to be View->Outline->Custom. Add support for "lines above" showing when doing text search/outlining (in addition to "lines below"). Fix for Windows setup to default to the correct C:\Program Files install dir for 64b CRiSP.

Version 16.0.11 June 2017

Fix abort/GPF which happens if we change to a \\server\drive UNC path under some circumstances.

Version 16.0.10 June 2017

Fix the "Global Replace" in the Search/Replace dialog.

Version 16.0.9 October 2016

Performance improvement for Ctrl-^ bracket matching, when dealing with long lines or complex files - much, much faster.
Fix bracket matching for JSON files. Improve JSON beautifier to align the brackets better.

Version 16.0.8 September 2016

Fix issue with AltGr and german keyboards not acknowledging certain keys.
Fix issue with the right-mouse context menu not showing spelling corrections.
Fix issue with dynamic syntax checking leaving tmp.* files in the source directory.
Fix issue with foreach (..., hash) leading to a core dump.
Add YAML support via the "col" macro. Add support for JSON in col macro.
Issue with tag cross ref leading to mode 0100 tag file which would need constant rebuilding.
Fix core dump when searching for "[^"]*
Add etc/crisp.json to set up default processing for certain language types. May migrate more of crisp config to JSON format.

Version 16.0.6 June 2016

Fix "col pretty" to handle size of tabs. Add "col rotate" to generate a readable version of CSV data, and "col json" to convert to JSON format.
Added new primitives to support JSON parsing/generation.
Fix tags leaving tags file not usable due to memleak fix.
Fix core dump when searching for "[^"]*.
Make crisp helper use JSON for communication (not yet enabled).
Fix some memory leaks.
When loading *.Z/gz/bz2 files - allow spaces in filenames.

Version 16.0.5 April 2016

Fix issue with help showing strikethrough fonts.
Fix potential core dump if spell file "ignore.dic" has more than 32 words in the list. Fix issue with Spell/Dictionaries dialog which precluded deleting words from the list.
Fix issue with splitter control, on X11 and -sync, showing serious lag and responding erratically.
Add (hidden) new theme support.

Version 16.0.4 March 2016

Fixed/rebuilt CRiSP for Windows 10. This release should work on Windows 7 and 8, but a number of fixes were applied to bring it more up to date internally (updating the compiler). Various stability fixes.

Version 16.0.3 March 2016

Add support for column based searching - use the syntax "${col:nn}" and column nn (a number) will be highlighted - including across all lines, if the "showall" option is enabled. Currently only works for comma separated files.
Stability fixes.

Version 16.0.2 February 2016

Fixes for El Capitaine, including minimap and ruler/overlay drawing.
Fix core dump on MacOS when fast dialog dismissal/repeat is performed.
Allow *.m files (e.g. MATLAB) to use personal preferences and not hard code to CRiSP *.m macro files.
Fix "set syntax_error" and "syntax_error_on_save" so that the "set" command works as expected.
Redo the notes mechanism (View/Notes) to ensure the note markers are cleared properly when running commands/syntax checking.

Version 16.0.0 December 2015

Add support for MacOS 10.11 El Capitaine. Fix scroll wheel behavior, bitmaps, line drawing issues.
Experimental and undocumented Python interface/macro language support. You can invoke Python macros, and call CRiSP primitives from Python. Built for Mac & Linux, but depends on a working python installation for Windows.
Fix 'class' template expansion for Python files.
Fix 'foreach(array a, list)' segmentation violation.
Added named parameters support for Python interface.
New syntax coloring for "coffee" script files.
Avoid buffer overflow issue when editing UTF-16 files and file only 2 bytes long. Fix header stripping. Added support to edit UTF-16 from the "extras" (Ctrl-A) menu.
Fix html widget support when displaying online help.
"grep" macro no longer complains about directories.
Added support for Groovy and gradle.
The command line "Goto" function now allows a filename:NNN to jump to line NNN of the specified file. Goto can edit files as well as jump to line or column/byte offsets.
Update C/C++ keywords list for latest standards.
Add glob() as an alias for file_glob().
"set [no]syntax_check_onsave" option added to allow file to be syntax validated when saving (rather than just on a timer basis).
Fix double-buffering table redraw issue, when dealing with large tables.
Char mode popups now closer to the bottom left of the window - better aesthetics when on large screens as your eyes do not need to scan the monitor to see where the popup appeared.