CRiSP Release v19.0

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v19.0

Version 19.0.7 September 2021

Map fcntl64() syscall to fcntl() to avoid Linux versioning and binary compatibility issues.
Fix issue where crisp might core dump on Linux, when popping up help, but no freetype fonts detected.

Version 19.0.6

Fixes/enhancements for encrypted files. Better attribute detection, change of file format.
Enhancements for log files, especially /var/log/messages style of log. This is experimental work, because it may come with a performance issue for very large log files.

Version 19.0.5 July 2020

Fix an issue where, using the "x" icon to close a dialog would randomly crash CRiSP. Turns out that a race condition with some window managers would cause this.
Promote the Color and Fonts settings to the Options menu, so they are easier to find.
When restarting CRiSP, try to restore the current search highlighting.
Better use of Freetype fonts on Linux, and more double-buffered output, to avoid redraws being visible.
Fix for scrollwheel on mouse, not moving scrollbar position.

Version 19.0.4 April 2020

Fix issue with wheel scrolling not updating the scrollbar position.
Fix font drawing and layout issues in the online help. Now uses double-buffering to avoid flicker. Better mapping to freetype fonts and avoid "bold" text being mis-layed out.
Revamped "set all" so that its now a two column display.
Dont update the global gridlines setting when showing example color dialog.
Fix issue with <Ctrl-W> not showing that backups are disabled (or toggled).
Fix sporadic "defunct" processes when dynamic syntax checking is spawning external processes.
Allow trailing commas in [..] and {..} expressions in the crunch language.
Fix issue when backup dir contains %Y%m%d to create dated backups, but a "%Y%m%d" dir is created, before time expansion.
Fix issue in beautifying JSON files, not honoring the entire file.
Fix GPF on Windows 10, when adding a word to the spell dictionary.
Fix bug in crunch language that allowed a string to be assigned to an "int". (Why does it take years for these things to show up?!)
Editing a directory pops up a directory listing, which is now case-insensitive sorted.
Various syntax coloring updates and new file types supported.

Version 19.0.2 February 2019

The gridlines showing the level of indentation had a couple of issues. The first issue is a limit of up to around 1000 lines, even if the block was much longer. This limit has been increased to 10,000 and is overridable via the env var CR_GRIDLINE_MAX_TRACK. Setting this to very high values can impact CPU performance, and 10,000 is a reasonable trade-off.
The Language Editing Modes dialog may save uncommitted changes when using the "Cancel" button. This has been fixed. Uncommitted changes may reside in memory, and the user will be prompted whether to save changes on exit, but will no longer and silently update the crisp2.ini config file.

Version 19.0.1 January 2019

Added new primitive (gridlines_add()) which lets you customise the screen gridlines/block collapsing, based on the file you are editing.