CRiSP Release v19.0

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v19.0

Version 19.0.2 February 2019

The gridlines showing the level of indentation had a couple of issues. The first issue is a limit of up to around 1000 lines, even if the block was much longer. This limit has been increased to 10,000 and is overridable via the env var CR_GRIDLINE_MAX_TRACK. Setting this to very high values can impact CPU performance, and 10,000 is a reasonable trade-off. The Language Editing Modes dialog may save uncommitted changes when using the "Cancel" button. This has been fixed. Uncommitted changes may reside in memory, and the user will be prompted whether to save changes on exit, but will no longer and silently update the crisp2.ini config file.

Version 19.0.1 January 2019

Added new primitive (gridlines_add()) which lets you customise the screen gridlines/block collapsing, based on the file you are editing.