CRiSP Release v9.3

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v9.3

Version 9.3.5c January 2009

Added the 'retab' macro to allow replacing initial white space on a line to change the indentation level.
Some fixes to the crtags parsing for C/C++ constructs.
<Alt-W> on the command line pastes the current word from the buffer into the typein.
Added symlink() system call to crunch.
"g/pattern/i" now works properly to find all occurrences of the pattern in a case insensitive manner.
Speedups when pasting into a new buffer, when the autofile detect feature is examining each pasted character to determine the file type. (Mainly affects character mode CRiSP, as characters are pasted one at a time from the terminal emulator).
Added code for KDE users to create a link on the Desktop to CRiSP.

Version 9.3.5b November 2008

CRiSP now supports autodetection of file types for new files, as you type them in. It will look as you are typing to guess the file type and set the coloring and other attributes according to the file being Perl, Shell, Perl, etc.
When panic saving files, honor the %Y%m%d style autosave directory and dont save in there. CRiSP supports date style directory names, but panic buffers dont need to go in there. Instead they go into the backup directory under a subdirectory called "crash/".
The merged buffer results from file differencing contained mungled lines from the 'other' file.

Version 9.3.5a September 2008

Add syntax coloring for KDB/Q files. Added support for routines and crtags to find definitions in these files.
Fix 64-bit Linux CRiSP which was doing file swapping when it need not, causing a potential core dump or very long wait.

Version 9.3.4b June 2008

crtags can now delete entries from a tag file by specifying the list of filenames (or directory names) to remove. Useful for stripping down a tags file.
The "g//" command now parses backslashed quoted characters properly.
CRTERM=linux - fixed line drawing characters since recent Linux kernels have changed the ISO escape sequences.
HPUX11/ia64 version of CRiSP released.
Fix bug in tabbed-window tabs, where dragging/dropping could cause a core-dump (GPF) if dragging to/from is out of bounds.
Added a new macro fndiff to let you compare current function with similar function in another file.
Allow use of single-quotes as well as double-quotes when quoting at the command prompt, e.g. for the grep command.
The filter command now allows pipes of filters (i.e. a series of filters) and lets you easily recall them. If you dont know what the filter command is, type <Alt-F> when displaying a character mode popup display, e.g. a grep results, to quickly filter out (include and exclude) lines of relevance.

Version 9.3.4a May 2008

Fix issue with whole-word searches not working if regexp matching also turned off.
Fix problem with numeric sort and non-column-1 sorting giving rise to junk in the sort results.
Fix infinite madness problem with undo if you cut over the end of the buffer, and then do an undo. CRiSP starts undoing the same item repeatedly, and uses a lot of cpu and disk, and can make system very sluggish due to the amount of I/O.
Improve pty reading performance when reading lots of terminal output (e.g. in a shell buffer). (For a sample of wide text files, this was a factor 20 speedup).
(Windows) When using <Alt-C> in a character mode popup window, copy to the clipboard and internal scrap buffer so we can subsequently paste the output.
Add syntax coloring support for F# (F-Sharp). Allow <Ctrl-G> (Routines) to select definitions in the current file.
Add support for line-change notation. This is a feature available via the Options->Language Settings menu to allow automatic annotation, for example, in column 73, to mark changes to the actual lines that are edited. Useful for some languages that accept positional comments (e.g. COBOL).
Fix issue with columnar sort and sort dialog which can lead to buffer corruptions and wrong behaviour.

Version 9.3.3c April 2008

(Windows) Fix issue causing CRiSP to stop working on Windows 2000 - due to changes in the way exceptions are handled.

Version 9.3.3b April 2008

Allow <Alt-F> filtering in buffer and tags popup character mode windows.
Fix some startup race conditions causing abort on fast systems (eg local X server).

Version 9.3.3a March 2008

Modify reporting code to generate a stack dump on Windows and Unix platforms to help diagnose issues
Add support for "dN" (delete N) lines when used from the Command: prompt.

Version 9.3.2b January 2008

Improve layout of text mode help / tables. Fix various formatting errors in the documentation conversion to HTML.
Fix problem with bitmap skew in Help on Mac platforms.

Version 9.3.2a December 2007

Fix "array[i] op= ...;" so that it works properly.
In the Contents/Browser window, we now display counts for grouped items when the number of items in a subtree is large. Previously we simply showed the alphabetical categories, but now it includes a count.
Added new primitive - tag_get_counts() - to speed up the grouped browser display.
Add support for Mac OSX 10.5 (x86) release.
Added window_scroll_margin() primitive. You can now configure how much margin to keep when using up/down arrow to avoid hitting the top or bottom row of the window. (Options/Keyboard lets you configure this). Added "set wsmargin=NN" command line command.
When tagging directories, treat *.C as C++ vs *.c as C files.

Version 9.3.1a November 2007

Add syntax coloring for Haskell.
Saving of undo options wasn't being persisted.
Fix redraw issue in help if wheel mouse used.
Fixed packaging of the Windows release - the wrong uninstaller was being used. Uninstaller can now uninstall itself.
Fixed scrolling of help files in the help window for Windows systems.
The online help files were converted to HTML (with some extensions), and the dependency on Word/95 RTF file formatted was removed. This was done to make it easier to update the documentation using CRiSP itself, rather than an out of date software package. (All variants of Word after Word/95 would lose some of the annotation and markups, so wasn't a viable option).
Online help now responds to <Esc> to cancel the dialog, along with <F5> to refresh the contents. Starts up with a better default window size.
Fix possible core dump if sorting region with a zero length line.
Cursor positioning fixed when using 64-bit binary,
Fix problem with sorting a region truncating the replaced results.

Version 9.3.0b August 2007

Fix some drawing issues in the tree control.
The Command: prompt command: "g", now allows case insensitive matching by using the following notation:

  Command: g/pattern/i
Add syntax coloring support for twiki files.
Fix issue with set linelength not showing correct line length in the bottom status bar.
The file tabs selection at the top of the edit area can now be rearranged by drag/dropping.
Fix ANSI coloring not showing up (especially in the Color Selection dialog).
Add getpeername(), getsockname(), inet_ntoa() function primitives.
Fix problem with try {} blocks not compiling local variables properly.
Better support for SVN (sub-version version control package).
The write() primitive can now be used to write to sockets (created with ipc_create()).
Add jsfl - Flash keywords support.
Add rot13 macro.