CRiSP Release v9.4

The following sections summarise the changes in the recent releases of CRiSP v9.4

Version 9.4.1d August 2009

Fix issue with using symlinks to cr/crisp binaries and CRiSP not being able to find its macros/config files.
Add autosave session support - the current edit state is saved automatically periodically, to allow for recovery after a system crash (i.e. restore windows and buffers).
Fix Alt-nnn keypad mode for windows, so that even inserting a typeable, that we dont remap the key to a macro. E.g. Alt-5 will insert <Ctrl-E> and not invoke the edit file macro.
MacOSX: Fix some instabilities on MacOSX when traversing scrollbars.
MacOSX: Allow use of the <Ins> key on MacOSX, which treats this as a Help key.
Add /quiet switch to setup.exe so we can do quiet installs under Windows.

Version 9.4.1c June 2009

Add some theming support. Not quite exposed to the user, but if you run "crisp -theme etc/blue.thm" then you can see what it looks like in a non-gray color.
Fix redraw error when doing a File/Save as, and the filetabs do not reflect the new name.
Syntax color numbers in plain text files.
Add double headed arrows in the scrollbars for X11/Windows. You can use right click to go in the opposite direction, but this makes it more obvious and reflects MacOSX usage.

Version 9.4.1b May 2009

When renaming or using File/Save-as, relay out the filetabs, since otherwise we no longer show the current buffer in the correct position.
Fix issue with Exit dialog not responding properly to the buttons selected.
(Windows) Ensure bitmap for audio/video files is in the package.
Add support for env var CRISP_NO_SAVE_STATE, so we can use CRiSP as a $EDITOR to other apps, without saving the state when passed a temporary file.
Fix crunch parsing issue for generic Linux x86/32 binary.
(Windows) When passed in a filename on the command line containing globbing chars, edit the file if that file exists, e.g. "filename.[1]"
Add syntax coloring support for *.S, assembler files.