CRiSP Release v6.1

Version 6.1.1b

The Options Color and Options Font dialogs have been merged into the Options Screen settings dialog. The Font dialog has been improved to avoid the previous two-level dialog which made it difficult to show the current settings.

(Unix) Some bitmaps in the online help would be drawn in the wrong colors on a 24/32 bit display.

When using the mouse to highlight a section or when using the BRIEF/CRiSP style copy/cut keys, the selected region is now copied to the scrap automatically.

(Windows) Build tags wouldnt work if the generated command line was larger than 127 bytes.

HTML colorizer now supports proper spell checking of the text.

Version 6.1.0a

Vi keyboard emulation: Using a repeat count with the x command and then using the . (dot) command to repeat the operation includes the repeat specifier. Added the ex-style y command to perform yanking (copying block of text to the scrap).

FTP file transfer support added to the Contents window, allowing you to configure your own list of sites for downloading and uploading of files.

Options\{bmp rarrow.bmp\}Cursor settings has been incorporated into the Options\{bmp rarrow.bmp\}Screen settings dialog.

Compile dialog now has a new option to track directory changes for subsequent compilations.

Pressing in compile/make dialog dismisses dialog.

The buffer list dialog now supports column sorting by clicking on the appropriate column.

Updated Verilog keyword list to correspond to the Verilog 1993 standard.

(Win32) If a user edits a file in Unix line ending mode, backup files were created which were not identical to the original file - carriage returns would be added to the end of each line.

The Contents/Files menu has been updated to include a context menu (right mouse click) which provides facilities for launching, editing, renaming, deleting and touching (updating) files. There are more features than can be summarised.

Contents menu can now be quickly dismissed with a new x button in the top right corner of the window.

Fix to src/c/crispclient.c to ensure environment variables are used consistently with the macro.

The zoom macro (Ctrl-Z) now handles multiple peel off windows correctly.

Tags for the Tcl language now works correctly.