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This web site is an RSS feed aggregator, but designed to be as frugal as possible - ideal for mobile phones and low data limits. There are two types of pages - 'p' which are 250k/90k (raw/compressed) and 'q'. The 'q' pages uses a simple cookie to track the last time you made a request, and give you everything +4h from that request.

The 'q' pages avoid repeatedly giving you news items you may have read. The pages are sent as gzipped encoded pages which reduces the data size enormously.

If you have suggestions for sites to add to the feed, or feature enhancements, feel free to contact CRiSP.Editor at, or click here

The following summarises the pages available:

p The first page of headlines - whatever fits into 250k uncompressed. You can omit the 'p'. Older pages are available as p1.html, p2.html, ... or use the "Next" button at the top of the page.
qRetrieves items from the last request, minus 4h, so that you wont get a blank page if you do quick/successive requests.
statusSome metrics for the author to look at. These include counts of requests per day, and when the next requests are due.

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